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Can I use bales anytime of the year?

Yes, at Sussex PartyBales we have bales available to hire all year round. We stock bales in the dry so having access to bales during the winter months is not an issue. 

How far in advance should you consider ordering your hay bales?

The sooner you can order the bales for your big day the better as this ensures you secure a delivery slot. During the Summer months we were fully booked, so we're advising customers to book sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.

We have some brides and grooms booking two years in advance, some booking a couple of months in advance and several coming in a day or two before their wedding in a panic saying they have been let down by their supplier and desperately need bales – we obviously help where we can, as we believe every happy couple should have their dream wedding. 

When do hay bales get delivered for your wedding? Do you have to think about storing them? And if so how is best to store them?

For weddings we generally deliver bales the day before the wedding and collect them the day after the wedding but can also be flexible to your requirements and deliver them on the day or several days before – what ever you require really. By delivering the bales the day before allows the bales to be put in place and decorated if needed.

Generally, if the bales are delivered the day before the wedding they can be put in place straight away, they are normally left in place until collected. The bales can always be covered in a tarp to keep the bales dry if there is a risk of a shower. If you need to store the bales, they can just be stacked two high until ready to use. 

Can bales be used in the rain?

No bales will ruin in the rain! A shower or two is ok but if left for 24 hours of heavy rain the bales will be ruined and a charge incurred. Unless we have agreed something prior to hire. 

Dimensions for our bales

These our the dimensions for our bales. Bales will vary ever so slightly in size.